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Fitness Tracks Manual

Record a Workout

To record a workout is very simple, just choose your activity type from the Start tab and press the Start button.

Activity Type

All of you history is sorted by activity type, this is why each workout must have an activity type specified. The activity type is also used to calculate your calories burned during each workout, some activities burn more calories than others.

Add a Goal

You can add a speed, time, or distance goal to your workout. The goals are tracked on the Start tab above the map. The app will display the goal and the difference between the goal and your actual value.

Add a Route

You can add a route created in the Route tab to follow during your workout. Routes are quick and easy to create in the Route tab of the app. When adding a route to your workout, it will be overlaid on the map in a red color.

Create a Competitor

To create a competitor for your workout, you must first add a route. Then either select a speed/pace goal or a time goal. This will create an orange arrow that will trace the created route at the set goal speed or time. Previous workouts can be used to create a route and then replicate the exact speed the track was previously completed with. See the Create Routes section for more info.