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Fitness Tracks Manual

Create a Route

There are two ways to create a route, you can draw the route with your fingers or you can drop pins on the map and the app will create the route for you. In either mode you can have the app create the route from known roads and paths or you can have it simply create the route manually disregarding roads and paths.

To create a route tap the "+" button in the upper right corner of the route tab. Tap the Name field to name the route. Tap the Create/Edit Route to bring up the map to create or edit a route. Choose your desired activity for the route, all routes are stored and sorted by activity. Choose your target speed/pace or your target time for the route. The targets are used to set the goals automatically when the route is selected to follow during a workout.

Draw a Route

To draw a route, select the Draw (orange select button) option at the top of the page. A blue Draw button will appear at the bottom. To begin drawing tap the Draw button, the button title should change to End Drawing. The map will be locked so you can draw the route of your choice on the map. If snap to roads is selected then the route will redraw when you lift your finger. The total route distance will be shown at the top.

Drop Waypoint to Create a Route

The default way to create a route is to drop pins on the map. The app will connect the pins and create a route by either following the roads if snap to roads is selected or by just connecting the pins. The total route distance is shown at the top.

Create a Route from a Previous Workout

Browse to the desired workout and select the menu button in the upper right corner. Then select Create Route from Track. A route created from a workout will have an extra option named "Use Recorded Time & Speed." Set this option to yes to use the recorded speed of the previous workout, this is useful when trying to beat your previous time/speed.

Import a Route

Routes can also be imported from a GPX or KML file. See Import & Export Options for details.