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Stock Portfolio Manual



Enable or disable the sounds for the app. Sounds are associated with all of the button clicks and table refreshes.


Turns iCloud sync on/off. It is highly recommended that you disable iCloud in the settings while manually adding more than a few data points. Once you are finished then you can re-enable iCloud in the settings.

Dropbox Auto Export

This will export all of your app data to Dropbox when the app opens and when it closes. This will ensure that if you lose data inadvertently then you will have a copy of your data to use to restore.

Import/Export to Dropbox

Use this to import and export CSV or binary (.BIN) files to the app.

Disable Sleep Mode

This will enable the device to not go to sleep, therefore enable you to view the stock prices as they refresh. This mode is not recommended unless your device is plugged in because it could drain the battery in a few hours.