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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I enter number of shares, purchase price and purchase date?

A. The number of shares and cost per share are entered in "lots." After you have entered in the stock symbol, you can tap it to bring up the stock detail page. From here tap the "+" button and select "Add Lot." This is where you can enter in all the purchase details.

Q. How do I get updates on the stock quotes and totals?

A. To get updates to the quotes and totals just pull down on any table to refresh.

Q. Why is my stock quote not getting updated?

A. In order for the price to get updated the stock symbol must reside in either Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

Q. Why does the quote not show up for any position sometimes?

A. This app is highly dependent on an internet connection. Sometime the web service times out and no quotes are updated. This can also happen when importing your Google Finance portfolios.