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CSV Format

Example CSV File

CSV Format

Format -

Portfolio, Watch List, Cash, Symbol, Name, Date, Shares, Price, Dividend, Commission

  • Portfolio - The name of the portfolio that the transaction occurred.
  • Watch List - The name of the watch list.
  • Cash - The amount of cash in the portfolio. Each portfolio must have a line with just the name and cash filled out in each CSV file. If the portfolio is a TSP portfolio, then the cash should be "-1"
  • Symbol - The symbol of the transaction.
  • Name - The name of the stock.
  • Date - The date format is mm/dd/yy
  • Shares - The amount of share in the transaction
  • Price - The price of the stock during the transaction.
  • Dividend - Used to add dividends to a stock position. The Shares, Price, and Commission fields must be blank to use this field.
  • Commission - The commission for the transaction.