Stock Tracker Manual


Google Login Errors

If an error message appears when you login to Google, it is recommended that you go to to resolve your account issues and then try logging back in from the app.

Live Quotes

Quotes are pulled directly from the internet, therefore you must be connected to the internet to retrieve them. To retrieve quotes simply pull down on either the portfolio table or the stock list table. The table will indicate that is retrieving the quotes and will appear this way to 20 seconds or until the quotes are received.

Google Import Errors

Sometimes your Google Finance portfolios are saved to the servers in a bad state. If the app crashes during import, it is recommended to recreate your portfolio in a new portfolio and then delete the old one. This will get rid of any temporary data that may be stored in the background of your portfolio. Also it is recommended that you delete any default portfolios that Google has added.

If your Google Finance portfolios are still not being fully populated in the app, please email us at We have tried to account for all of the possible ways to import the portfolios but there may be some instances that are not accounted for. We would like an opportunity to correct these errors before you rate us poorly in the App Store.