Stock Tracker Manual

Adding Stock Positions

To add a stock position manually, select the "+" button from the stock table view page. You must first create a portfolio to add a stock. When entering the position, a list of symbols will appear at the bottom. They will not always be correct if there is a ".", "^", or "-" in the symbol. The commission is only applied once to the cost of the position, so if you want it to show both the buy and sell commission then you would have to enter it as twice the value.

Retrieving Quotes

To get quotes you must pull down on any of the tables that are visible. If you pull down on the portfolio table then all of the portfolios will be refreshed. If you pull down on a list of stocks in a portfolio then only that portfolio will be refreshed.

Editing Stock Positions

To edit a stock position, select it from the table and then select "Edit".

Price Target Alerts

To add a price target alert you edit the position once it has been added. In the Edit screen you will find the Price Target Alert option. The price alerts will change the stock symbol from white to yellow to indicate that the specific event has occurred. This will also change the portfolio name yellow to indicate that a position has triggered an alert. The app does not have push alerts, so the only price alert indication will be in the app.

Main Portfolio View

In the main view at the top you can swipe to the left or right to view either the sum of the portfolio gains or the market index gains for the day.