GPS Tracks HD Manual


Location is inaccurate or not present

Not all iPads are equal. An iPad 3G + WiFi is highly recommended for this app. With out the GPS chip found only in the 3G models of the iPad this app will not track you position very well or at all. You can still use the map and store points and import external files but it will not track you very well. If you do have a 3G iPad then keep reading below.

When the user location (blue dot) is not present on the map this is usually caused by the Location Services not being enabled in the iPhone settings. To enable the Location services for the app follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the iPhone settings
  2. Verify that the iPone is not in Airplane Mode
  3. Select "Location Services"
  4. Verify that Location Services is set to "ON" at the top
  5. Scroll down to GPS Tracks HD and set the switch to "ON"

The user location should now be present on the map.

App is not functioning correctly or did not load properly

Sometimes the app can get locked up in a bad state and not function properly even after closing and reopening the app. When this happens it is good to reset the app entirely. This can be done with the steps below.

  1. Close GPS Tracks HD
  2. Double click on the iPhone Home button - this is the round button with the square on it below the screen
  3. The multitasking menu should pop up at the bottom of the screen, find the GPS Tracks HD icon, you may have to scroll to the right
  4. Hold down on the GPS Tracks HD icon for 2 seconds
  5. Release when all of the icons have Red Circle with a minus sign on the upper left side of the icon
  6. Tap the Red Circle above GPS Tracks HD to close the app
  7. Now restart GPS Tracks HD, it should reinitialize properly this time