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Disable Sleep Mode

This will disable the device from automatically going to sleep while using app. The device will go to sleep if it is left untouched for a few minutes and the screen will go dark. With this setting turned on, it will allow you to leave the device untouched but still view the screen for an indefinite period of time. If you are actively tracking your route then the device will track you whether the device is asleep or if the app is in the foreground or background. Though if you are not actively tracking your route then the app ill turn off the GPS while the device in in the sleep mode, therefore saving battery power.

Rotate Map With Heading

This will rotate the map with your heading so map will always be oriented in the direction that you are facing. This feature is used in conjunction with the "User Location" button. When the "User Location" button is highlighted blue the map will rotate otherwise it will not rotate.

Auto Pause

This will pause the app while you are tracking your location if you stop for more than approximately 30-45 seconds. It will resume tracking if it detects that you have begun to move again. If this mode is enabled and you stop for more than five minutes while the app is in the background then it will turn off the GPS to save the battery life, but since the GPS is off it cannot start tracking again until the user presses the "Start" button on the top menu bar of the Map view.

Arrow in the Center of Map

The arrow is used to guide you where to drop a pin on the map.

GPS Navigation Accuracy

Please note that the battery life estimates are just that. You may experience much different results. These estimates were derived from the developer during testing.