GPS Tracks Manual

Export Files

You can export four different file types - KML, GPX, CSV and BIN.

You can export waypoints from the Favorites tab and you can export saved tracks from the History tab. Waypoints and saved tracks can be emailed as well.

Once you have exported a file it will be saved to the device and can be retrieved via iTunes File Sharing.

XML Format

The XML format is used to export a recorded track to be imported to another GPS Tracks app.

iTunes File Sharing

To use iTunes File Sharing you must have your iPhone plugged into your computer with iTunes running. Then select your device from the left side menu. From there select "Apps" from the top menu. This will display all of the apps that are on your device in the "Sync Apps" section. Below this will be a "File Sharing" section. This is where you will find a list of apps that you can transfer files to and from. Select GPS Tracks from the list on the left, a list of files contained in GPS Tracks will appear on the right. From this list you can add files to your device (by selecting "Add…") and save files from your device to your desktop (by selecting "Save to…").


To use Dropbox to export files from you must allow GPS Tracks to access your Dropbox folder. All file interactions with Dropbox will be under the control of the user.

Once you have allowed GPS Tracks to view your Dropbox folder, Dropbox will create a folder named "Apps\GPS Tracks" in your Dropbox home directory. This will be the only folder that the app can access, all exported files will appear here.