GPS Tracks Manual

Adding Waypoints

There are five ways to add waypoints to the map.

  1. Manually Enter Coordinates

    Select the "+" button from the top menu bar. This defaults to your current location.
  2. Tap Your Current Location Blue Dot

    Tap the blue dot on the map and then select the blue round button on the right side of the pop-up.
  3. Drop a Pin on the Map

    Select the Down Arrow from the top menu bar. This will drop a pin on the map. Use the orange arrow to help guide the placement of the pin. Then tap the pin and select the round blue button on the right side of the pop-up.
  4. Insert Saved Locations as Waypoints

    Select the "Favorites" option from the tab bar in the locations tab or the menu on the left side. This gives you a list of folders or groups of locations. Select a folder to bring up a list of saved locations. Select a location to add it to the map as a waypoint. Select the menu button at the bottom tool bar and select the "Add all Waypoints to Map" to add all of the waypoints in the current folder to the map as waypoints.
  5. Open Files from Mail or Safari

    If you open a KMZ, KML, or GPX file from your mail application or a KMZ, or KML file form Safari it will add any placemarks that are contained in the file as waypoints and add any route as a green track to the map. GPX files cannot be opened from Safari.

Add Waypoint View

The Add Waypoint view will appear when you add a waypoint from any of the first three methods above. It will allow you to edit the Name of the waypoint. You can select the coordinate type from the bar below the table. The definitions for the coordinate types are below -

You can choose to insert the waypoint as the next waypoint or the last waypoint. The exact order of the waypoints can be edited in the Waypoints view on the left menu.

You can choose to add the waypoint as a point or as a vector. Adding a waypoint as a point will allow you to edit the exact coordinates of the waypoint. Adding a waypoint as a vector will allow you to enter a direction and distance as a waypoint.

Saving Waypoints to Your Device

You can save any waypoint to your device for future use. Waypoints will be removed from the map if you either save your track or discard the track. Waypoints will be saved with the track but will not be very accessible. To securely save a location you must save it to the device.

To save a waypoint to your device select the "Save to Favorites" button in the Add Waypoint view. In the Save to Favorites view you must select a "Group" or folder where the location will reside.