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Fitness Tracks Manual

Import Route

To import a route go to the Route tab and tap the "+" button in the upper right corner. Then select import Route. Select Documents to browse your local app documents folder that is accessible through iTunes File Sharing or select Dropbox to browse your Dropbox folder.

iTunes File Sharing

To access files through iTunes File Sharing, you must first plug your device into your computer. Then open your library and select your device. Then select the Apps section at the top and scroll down to the second section labeled File Sharing. Here you should find Fitness Tracks listed and then select it to see a list of files present in the folder. You can add or remove files by dragging and dropping or by hitting the delete key.

Export Route

You can export a route to either iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox

Export Workout

You can export a workout to either iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox